San Diego Engagement Session – Michelle + Gary: The Unreleased Set

8:19 AM

Michelle and Gary, your e-session was LEGIT. And I think it’s about time for the world to see what cool cats you two are!


(Above) The Cliffs at UCSD never looked so good

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(Above) Can you imagine what would happen if they fell? I would be in so much trouble!!!

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(Above) We shot these at like... mid-day with 12:00 sun… the sunglasses definitely came in handy

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(Above) Off to UCSD for some library walk, Domo reppin’, “rawr-means-i-love-you-in-dinosaur” action

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(Above) Sneaking into the library to “study”


(Above) I think she won! Does anyone recognize that game?

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To Michelle: I’ll see you at Effie’s wedding in August!! SOO Excited

To Effie: If you’re reading this, I’ll see you at your wedding! And I will bring my camera in case there are good pics to be taken. xoxo

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