San Diego Engagement Session – Megan and Albert

6:11 PM

For a mix of urban, scenic, and a bit of iconic, Megan and Albert’s engagement images were set to the backdrop of UCSD’s Stonehenge, San Diego’s Mt. Soledad, and La Jolla’s famous Cove. Check it out!


(Above) Our jeans got way trashed in the making of this shot…which is awesome…but forgetting them in my car for the next week made everything smell like slow cooked ocean…yum..?

SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_ma_engagement_0002 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_ma_engagement_0003 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_ma_engagement_0004

(Above) Funny how different the sky looks even though the above two shots were taken within minutes of each other!


(Above) I love random furniture sitting around begging to be used!

SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_ma_engagement_0006 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_ma_engagement_0007

(Above) Stonehenge…

who created it? – we will never know

why was it created? – for engagement pictures


Thanks Megan and Albert for commissioning me to be your photographer. You were wonderful to shoot with and I love you guys!

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