Megan + Albert's San Diego Wedding: The Creatives!

8:00 AM

The thought never crossed my mind before, but decorative parasols and Guitar Hero have one really important thing in common-

…these guys…

Remember last week how we hung out with Megan and Albert during their engagement session? Well this week we've got their entire entourage together and a tidal wave of visually explosive images just for your enjoyment; let's roll!

We'll start with Megan and her girls rocking them parasols!


(Above) Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away…


(Above) TOO cute


(Above) Did I mention cute?


(Above) They say never to shoot people under the mid-day sun. They say it’s too bright, unflattering, and yucky for portraits. These girls proved them wrong; booooyah

SimplyTwoPhotographydotcom_mablogcreatives_0005 SimplyTwoPhotographydotcom_mablogcreatives_0007

Albert and the guys; you’re up.


(Above) Karate kick!

SimplyTwoPhotographydotcom_mablogcreatives_0009 SimplyTwoPhotographydotcom_mablogcreatives_0010

(Above) Check out the guy on the left with the chopsticks!


(Above) Stunning performance; simply tremendous

SimplyTwoPhotographydotcom_mablogcreatives_0012 SimplyTwoPhotographydotcom_mablogcreatives_0013

(Above) Yeah…we used these.


(Above) My couple =)

SimplyTwoPhotographydotcom_mablogcreatives_0015 SimplyTwoPhotographydotcom_mablogcreatives_0016 SimplyTwoPhotographydotcom_mablogcreatives_0017 SimplyTwoPhotographydotcom_mablogcreatives_0018

(Above) Glass orb encased flower petals added a nice touch to Megan’s bridal session.



(Above) Shooting at night is really cool. Really really cool! You should try it.


Next time I’ll share a few more pics from the rest of Megan and Albert’s wedding. We’ll go behind the scenes to the prep, show off some details-details, see them get married, and possibly eat some wedding cake!

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