USC 2010 Masters – Cindy Yung

7:11 AM

I hope you guys enjoyed the set from last weeks Creative Session in San Diego for UCSD’s 2010 graduates. This time we’re heading about 120 miles north to a placed called the University of Southern California, or just USC, or the indestructible Trojans. The Rossier School of Education’s 2010 class asked me to do to a shoot on their campus. It was legit. Check it out!

SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_usc2010_0001 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_usc2010_0002 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_usc2010_0003

(Above) Cindy Yung, M. Ed from USC Rossier with a 4.0 GPA. Top of her class, baby…
Q: So what's it like being at the top?
A: It's so lonely up here, there's no one else around.

SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_usc2010_0004 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_usc2010_0005 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_usc2010_0006 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_usc2010_0007 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_usc2010_0008 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_usc2010_0009 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_usc2010_0010 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_usc2010_0011 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_usc2010_0012

To USC’s graduated seniors: If I had a kid, I’d trust you to counsel them. =)


If you dig these kinds of photos and want some goodies of your own, then what are you waiting for? Email and lets shoot!

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