San Diego Creative Session – Amy n Bryce Coronado Remix

11:43 AM

A few months ago Amy and I were chatting on gmail about a potential Creative Session once I got back from Project Resonate. Last year we knocked out a pretty wild session in La Jolla CA: Tall grass, bugs, trees ‘n all and I knew that if we shot again this year, we would have to completely remix the look and feel of what we did last year.

No pressure right?

So after WEEKS of brainstorming and many sleepless nights, it hit me that an evening session in San Diego’s Coronado island would be THE location for this project. Would you like to see some pictures?


(Above) Here’s my couple, Amy n Bryce!


(Above) Awesome look Amy! I love how the wood transitions from blue to red.

SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_anb_0003 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_anb_0004

(Above) Only in San Diego, flippy floppies, polo shirts, heels & dress.


(Above) There were people standing outside when I took this shot but since the balance of light is so great between inside and outside, we can’t even see them at all…yipeeee!


(Above) Something about the feel of this set…


(Above) …is just so…


(Above) …surreal…


(Above) The water is actually lava, so Bryce sacrificed his feet to protect his lady!


(Above) I lava you!

SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_anb_0011 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_anb_0012

(Above) Excuse me sir, you are in my photo…


(Above) Now you’re on my camera bag. Please don’t poop on my lenses?

SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_anb_0014 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_anb_0015

(Above) Night time shots, I love this stuff!


(Above) The sky turns extra blue when the camera corrects the skin tone color automatically. That way I never have to use photoshop to get all the cool colors n stuff, w00t!

SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_anb_0017 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_anb_0018

Some parting words from my lovely couple:

John is just the best photographer you can imagine. My boyfriend and I followed and loved his work for long time before booking a creative session with him, which wowed everybody and quickly turned into a second session. Artistically, he has vision, creativity, and he never seems to become stagnant in his style or ideas. It's so much fun to be able to trust our photographer and not having to worry about the result. On a personal basis, he always made us feel extremely comfortable, giving just the right amount of instructions. He can even make multiple people with different levels of comfort all relax in the same shot. John is the guy to call if you want to enjoy your day without worry and then get pictures that are even prettier than you remember the day being.


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