Honey…the Kids are Graduating!

6:12 AM

Saturday June 12, 2010. It’s the day that everyone you see in these photographs will graduate from UCSD. Quite a huge deal eh? Saturday will be a day 4 years in the making; although that might not seem like much, breaking it down provides a much clearer picture of just how hard these kids worked…let’s see shall we?

4 years = 12 academic quarters = 48 final exams = 96 midterm exams = 144 all-nighters = 576 cups of coffee = June 12, 2010

A few weeks ago I had the honor of being commissioned to shoot their Senior Creative Session. These kids spent most of their undergraduate lives hanging out together, forming an enclave of fellowship and trust that will probably last forever. Coming into this project I really wanted to capture the spirit of community and family that exists in this group. I think it would be way cool if one day they can look back on these shots and say, “yeah that was some awesome times man, 4 years well worth it”

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(Above) This concept was made possible by Adrienne Lam pictured 2nd from the left. The idea for this shot hovered somewhere along the lines of, “were all going separate ways, kinda lost, kinda confused, don’t wanna be S.O.L.OoooOoo”

OMG BTW…a big THANK YOU to the graduating class for managing to look like awesome happy rock stars in these pictures despite having to shoot at 8am after staying up till nearly 2am the night before partying.

To my graduation seniors…why are you so cool?


I’ve got a few more academics-end related sessions to share with you guys in the coming week(s). If you dig these kinds of photos and want some goodies of your own, then what are you waiting for? Email john@simplytwo.com and lets shoot!

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