FEATURED - A Lil Wedding Planner

2:19 AM

Wahooozzle! How splendid it is to be featured! A shot from Carmen and David's engagement session was posted on a lil' wedding planner's blog!

I get all giddy when I see my studio posted on other peoples blogs, forums, and pages etc because the truth is... SimplyTwo Photography really doesn't market itself very much and if it weren't for the miracle of people telling other ppl about the work I do, well...then I guess I'd more free time to build sand castles?...=O

Maybe I'll get to hang out with more lovely couples now! =)

a lil' wedding planner's very own Meta will be coordinating their wedding next weekend. This is cool for 2 reasons, possibly more, but its 2:30am and my brain is mad at me for not sleeping...so here they are:

1. Meta is organized, chill, can handle a million things thrown at her from a billion directions, plus she is really good at snowboarding.

2. She is one of my SimplyTwo brides! When it comes to things like, oh.. I don't know....

  • wedding photography
  • wedding photo concept planning
  • putting up with John Yao's ridiculously high-maintenance-but-perfectly-necessary-requests-to-get-that-perfect-shot demands as a photographer
  • giving me tons of time to create one epic shot after another despite a schedule so tight if they were jeans you could count the change in them
  • the general magic photo pixie dust it takes to put together a killer lovely photo set, we basically read each others' minds.

THAT my friends...is a combination for the cool kids. =)

cya this weekend Meta, let's go shoot some pix...ROAR!

FYI...I much prefer couples over sand castles any day.

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