Bay Area Wedding Photographer – Michelle and Paul – Part 2 of 2

7:28 AM

Michelle and Paul’s CREATIVEs!

Michelle and Paul’s creative set brings back such good memories. Since the schedule placed the ceremony start time RIGHT after bridal prep, we couldn't start on the bride + groom pix until the end of the day. Those that know me well know that I go gaga over these pix and I think it’s where my greatest strength as a wedding photographer rests. So for the entire day I was itching, and dying, and brainstorming, and conceptualizing, and dying a little bit more as I mentally poured over what would eventually become this:


(Above) We borrowed some chairs from the church and set them up right in the middle of the road. The added color from the flanking big rigs trucks added a nice touch to the final image. Thankfully, no cars came.

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(Above) Remember the sanctuary from the previous post? We used the same steps for this blue-hued set!

SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_mpweddingblog2_0012 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_mpweddingblog2_0013

(Above) The shots of just Michelle alone were take during the 8 minutes we had between getting dressed and walking down the aisle! Talk about a tight schedule!


(Above) As the sun dipped below the horizon, I snapped this quick shot as we were walking towards the parking lot.

SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_mpweddingblog2_0015 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_mpweddingblog2_0016

(Above) Trivia: Right behind where Michelle and Paul are standing is the freeway next to the church! If you look carefully, you can BARELY see the small red circle from a passing vehicle.

SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_mpweddingblog2_0017 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_mpweddingblog2_0018 SimplyTwoPhotography[dot]com_mpweddingblog2_0019

Thank you Michelle. Thank you Paul. You guys did a great job during the shoot. =)

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