Back in Action – Shall We Dance? No…Let’s Sing!

5:09 AM

WOW……………. it’s been an entire year since I’ve posted wedding goodies to this blog. I miss all of you guys SO much and I’m stoked to be back!

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this day for quite a while, wondering what exactly the SimplyTwo June 1st 2010 blog post would be like.

Not wanting to disappoint, my creative team and I got together this past week to assemble this video you are about to watch. It essentially encompasses what it’s like to roll as a SimplyTwo wedding/lifestyle photographer!

I’m excited to say that in the following weeks and months I’ll be posting TONS of fresh work I’ve done with my brides n grooms, various creative sessions, and random fun-times I encounter as a traveling photographer.

Enjoy the video, much love,

-John Yao

Lyrics by Alex Shiau and John Yao – Performed by the SimplyTwo Creative Team


Lyrics so you can sing along:

Hook (for regular people):

I wanna be your photographer, so freaking bad
Shoot them wedding pix you never had

To see you on the cover of a bride’s magazine
Girl you best believe that it’s my dream

Oh every time I close my eyes,
My brides and grooms they look so fly

A different couple every time ohh I, I swear
The world better prepare

Your photographer is here

Rap (for the really cool people):

Don’t  wanna be the best in the business

Instead I’d like to witness

That perfect day you had mapped out on your wish-list

Where the grooms looking fly and brides are rocking white

That perfect painted backdrop that I found in the sky

My passion is this, just to make your special day

So picture perfect in about every single way

So you be the rockstars I’ll be the paparazzi

Pics up and down stairs running like I’m rocky

You will be a hottie that I guarantee

So stunning jaws dropped that they can’t even speak

Suit up in that clean tux throw on that white dress

Sit back and distress I will never rest cuz I

(go to hook)

Close your eyes and dream

Wash away with me

Onto the shores of a perfect wedding scene

Only smiles and laughs champagne in the glass

And when you’re looking back the bride won’t be looking fat

In fact get together, let’s take a pic now

Just point and shoot, the flash, hear the click and wow

Loosen up and let it go relax and let it flow

I’m in it for the fun not greedy for the dough

So here we go no don’t mind as I document

Let me take some photos to construct a monument

years later looking back on anniversary night

you’ll be reliving the greatest time that you had in your life

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