Vivian and Bryan - A SimplyTwo Photograph-E-Session Teaser

2:28 PM

Hi friends; today I'd like for you to meet Vivian and Bryan. They are getting married soon; and they are awesome. We hung out in Downtown Los Angeles to shoot their Engagement Creative Session earlier this month. To say that I am excited to be shooting their wedding next year would be an understatement of galactic proportions - these two are such rockstars in front of the camera that I cannot even begin to imagine the kinds of photos we'll be snapping up at their wedding.

Check out these motion/timelapse photos from the session...

Union Station Series:

  • Union Station in Los Angeles, CA
  • Fast paced & crowded area = LOTS of cool movement in the image
  • This was the one single hallway leading to the tracks so people entering and exiting the trains had to walk by us; falling neatly into our perfectly planned trap to use them in our photograph!
  • Yes, hundreds of people were staring
  • Yes, it was wonderful

Downtown LA Series:

  • Sudden inspiration hits faster than the fastest fast and out of nowhere like the ground
  • We found the worlds most beautiful lake in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles
  • We also agreed it would be necessary to integrate said lake into the Engagement Creative Session experience



Vivian&Bryan_SimplyTwoEngagement_0045 Vivian&Bryan_SimplyTwoEngagement_0165

Time crept up on me a lot faster than I thought it would this month and I am bummed that I may not get the chance to share images from every engagement session with you. As I get ready to head out into the field for the second half of Project Resonate, rest assured the other splendid sessions will be posted at a later date!

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