Carmen and David for Real This Time - A SimplyTwo Photograph-E-Session

12:44 AM

Many people got pretty upset from the teaser set I put up a few days ago from Carmen and David's Engagement Creative Session. If I recall correctly, name-calling, death threats, and various un-pleasantries ensued shortly after the post went live because I took each image, cut out 75% of the content so one really couldn't tell what the image was all about. It was mean; I was cruel, and I love you all very much! =D

So here it is for real this time. No tricks, no lies, no nuthin'; well actually it is something; it's Carmen and David...and they are in love.

John's Notes:

  • Roller coasters and cotton candy = delightful.
  • San Diego, California.
  • Overcast - Soft lighting, no ugly sun to cast dark shadows that make people look like raccoons.
  • Really cold n windy- Good because couples hug to keep warm which is way cute.
  • The beach is nearby - Gives John a legit reason to shoot in flip flops.
  • Tons of color and variety which makes for truly unique photos.
  • Cameras are NOT allowed on the rollercoaster, not to mention the 40lb camera bag.
  • Rollercoaster-based romantic photos are more difficult than I originally thought, but way way way worth it.
  • Am excited to shoot their wedding next summer, =D

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"This was so much fun! It's odd to sit in the middle of a public road and act lovey-dovey in front of a camera, but John has a knack for making you feel relaxed and we had a great time hanging out!" - Carmen

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