Carmen and David's Engagement Session Teasers

12:03 PM

In an earlier post I mentioned that I'd be in Southern California for the month of December to hang out with my family, rest up a bit, and to shoot some Engagement Creative Sessions for my 2010 Wedding Couples. All the sessions thus far have exceeded my lofty personal expectations (I just think the photos need to be perfect ALL THE TIME okay? Is that too much to ask?) and at the same time, simply being able to shoot this genre of photography after such a long hiatus is sooooooo exhilarating.

So as I'm finishing up the post production for the first few sessions, I am naturally eager to share the shots with all of you. BUT, I thought I'd take a slightly different approach to these image debuts by teasing the heck out of you guys first; yup!

For those of you who have been waiting to see my non-Project Resonate work, well, I guess this will just have to do for now! =)

Introducing, Carmen and David (sort of)...

projectresonate[dot]org_day199blog_0001 projectresonate[dot]org_day199blog_0002

projectresonate[dot]org_day199blog_0003 projectresonate[dot]org_day199blog_0004

(Above) awww, love love love!


projectresonate[dot]org_day199blog_0006 projectresonate[dot]org_day199blog_0007 projectresonate[dot]org_day199blog_0008 projectresonate[dot]org_day199blog_0009

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