Baby Jocelyn: Project Resonate's Camera Technician

7:56 AM

Hi my name is Jocelyn and I am the world's youngest camera repair technician. Today I'm helping my good friend John Yao of Project Resonate with some equipment repair. As you might remember, John's 85mm lens broke in Ukraine, his 35mm lens fell apart in Guatemala, and his 5D camera-body needed some service work done to prevent the mirror from falling out. With so many more countries and ministries to come, I see it necessary to check up on all of John's gear to ensure tip-top operational quality.


(Above) "John, you need to be careful not to smash you camera against hard surfaces! "


(Above) "Do you see the seriousness in my face? A lot of these issues could have been prevented if you baby-ed your equipment more!"


(Above) "I have to bring out my special tools to make sure all the parts are lining up correctly."


(Above) "Almost finished, just need to check this one part here..."

projectresonate[dot]org_day162blog_0008(Above) And confirm all the settings here....and....we're done!


(Above) Party!


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