*Tech Break* Canon's 1D Mk4 is Here!

3:30 AM

Wow friends, this is a BIG DEAL. In my attempts to convey all the excitement, I'll try my best to keep this post in English instead of going overboard with too much tech talk. Here we go-

A bit of history, my first real big-deal camera back in 2005 was Canon's 1D MK2N. Breaking down the naming scheme, all it means is:


1 series (top of the line)

D for Digital

Mark 2 meaning 2nd generation of this type of camera

N for the version that had a bigger LCD screen

It served as my workhorse camera for all of my early work as a wedding and newspaper photographer. It had 8 megapixels, captured 8 pictures/second (FAST), was built like a tank, and really really sweet.

Eventually, I replaced the Mark 2 with a Mark 3. For reasons I wont talk about here, the Mark 2 was waaay better in my opinion. After a full wedding season with the Mark 3, I replaced it with Canon's 5D MK2 which has 21 megapixels and is amazing for making hot brides even hotter.

Now that the Mark 4 is out, I feel so tempted to bring these back into the game...Mark 2, Mark 3...maybe now a Mark 4?


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