Real Life Transformer Mod - Recorded Earlier

11:38 PM

If I recall correctly, Transformers was a Japanese comic/toy line from the 1970's. Have you ever wondered how cool it would have been if the new Transformers films used Japanese muscle cars in lieu of their awesome Detroit counterparts?

Well, my friend, you needn't wonder anymore! While I was back in the States a few weeks ago waiting to ship out to my next Resonate country, I undertook the extensively laborious, sweat inducing, finger jamming task of bringing forth a real-life Transformer based on Japan's own Nissan Skyline V36 (Infiniti G35).

As you can see from the photographs, the meticulous attention to detail really stands out in the final product. The entire process required extreme attention, careful calculation, and near perfect engineering. Ladies and gentlemen, I think its safe to say, what we have here is 'more than meets the eye.'


(Above) It's an Autobot (one of the good guys)


(Above) Exact placement is crucial to achieve realism and everyday evil-thwarting functionality.


(Above) Let's go save the world

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