What Do Spiders, Tall Grass, Prickly Weeds, a Dried Up River, and this Couple have in Common?

2:25 PM

One barefoot photographer. =)

I present to you my favorites from Amy and Bryce's Creative Session. We chose a pretty rad location with tons of glowing foliage and unknown creatures scurrying around.

This shot is very special because of the lovely blurry shapes along the bottom of the frame. In actuality, they are prickly little monsters disguised in plant form! I didn't know this until I knelt and sat on about a million of them.

Sigh...the things I do for my couples, JK JK, I love you Amy and Bryce. It was worth it.

I distinctly remember hearing heavy rusting from the tall grass about 4 inches from where I was sitting as I made this shot; scary!

Next: My last sweet sweet wedding photo-shoot before Project Resonate and as many Creative Sessions Photo-shoots I can post up before June 1st!

Happy Monday, see you all very soon.

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