Porsche Cayenne S Creative Session

1:23 PM

Happy weekend folks! Today I have a sweet Automotive Creative Session to share with you all. Weeks prior, I shot Steve C's gorgeous new Porsche Cayenne S. For those of you who don't know, I am a HUGE car fan and love doing these types shoots. Steve let me drive the Cayenne for a bit before the photoshoot and the thing handles just like a sports car. It did not feel 'trucky' at all....very nice.

Enjoy the photos!

For the month of May, I am working through 1 huge wedding and 13 Creative Sessions; I'm pushing to get all of these shoots up so that after June 1st 2009, all of the posts on this blog will be strictly Project Resonate related.

With the plethora of talented photographers out there, I really appreciate you all for having me as your photographer. You make my day!

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