NewSong, Rockstars, and Wild Sea Monsters: Angela and Theo's Engagement Session!

2:19 PM

This is Angela and Theo; they are getting married, and they are rockstars. Thanks to their brilliant idea to shoot at New Song Church in Orange County CA, this engagement session is hands-down one of the most vivid and art-inspired sets I've ever done! We were granted special access to all of the lighting effects in the main concert hall; check these out!!!

Air guitarin, baby.

Angela and Theo

These rocks provided me with a visual symphony of great angles and framings!

"No Life Guard on duty?? Not to worry, we got this." - Angela and Theo

This huge sea monster was chilling on the sand a few feet from where we were shooting just begging to be a part of the photo-shoot. The way I see it, why not?

This engagement shoot was second-shot by my friend Mel. See the shoot from her eyes here!

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