Last Wedding Before Resonating: Melissa and Jeff's Bay Area Wedding

6:25 PM

For those of you who like moving pictures, I've prepared a sideshow above.
(If you are reading this from Facebook, the video won't show up. I recommend meandering over to for the goodies.

Thanks for standing by with the teaser I posted a few hours ago. Here is the real deal baby! Melissa and Jeff's wedding from the Bay Area! Like most destination wedding photoshoots; shooting so far from home is like navigating a Class-V rapid on Mars (I know because I've personally been there). Some obvious questions are:

  • Does John know the area?
  • Will he be able to shoot the space well and fully take advantage of the visual epics waiting to be discovered?
  • What if last minute changes need to be made and we have to switch locations?
  • Why don't we just go with one of the many world renowned superstar wedding photographers in my hometown of ___insert home town here___.
Risk follows unfamiliarity but the rewards far outweigh the unknown. Arriving at least a day before the wedding, I take my time to explore the space, scoping neat spots and unique shots for consideration. For Mel and Jeff's wedding, we didn't plan for it, but it rained. Originally set for a greenbelt near the church, our photo session got moved to the hotel where the girls were staying. So the night before I took an unplanned walk through of the hotel to form a new plan for the big day to come.

The day was perfect; I couldn't have imagined a better final set of images and I am so happy to finally share these photos with you! This is my last wedding before Project Resonate and I am glad Melissa and Jeff asked me to be their wedding photographer. Thanks you two; I lava you!

"First Meeting"

Pawn shops are closed on the weekend, so I took this photo instead. =)

Sweet socks, nice touch!

The most beautiful parking lot foliage, EVER!


A bite of RESONATE: I've been in Los Angeles for the past week hanging out with my Mom who was in town briefly from Taiwan. I am now staying with Cindy and her family until my departure for Washington in the beginning of June. I will spend 14 days in the Seattle area for final prep before Resonating in Ukraine.

Thank YOU for making Project Resonate happen! Your partnership is huge and I hope you'll stay close this entire year by reading the blog and following me on Twitter! Here are some links to keep:

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