Going Out with a Splash: SimplyTwo Exit ; Enter Project Resonate

4:00 AM

Here we are friends; May 31, 2009! Project Resonate officially starts tomorrow. I'm spending one more day here in California double checking all the details before heading out.

But before completely switching over to Resonate and Missions Related content, I have one more special Creative Engagement Session to share with all of you. I saved this one for last because I wanted to conclude this chapter of my career as a wedding photographer with a shoot that's a bit edgy, uncommon, and definitely a bit dangerous-isky. This shoot took a bit of planning and the execution had to be pretty smooth otherwise my camera would have served the rest of its life as an expensive paper weight and Project Resonate would have been shot through the lens of a point-and-shoot digicam. Thanks to Steven Tang's method of DIY underwater photography, in the end the shot was got, and my-oh-my was it hot. Take a gander, will you not?

This is Michelle and Gary and they are getting married! We shot this session a few weeks ago in San Diego, CA and while I won't be able to shoot their wedding this summer, I'm really glad I got to meet and hang out with them! These images were created while filming a special video for their guests. Director: Steven Tang.

Next Update: Day 1 of Project Resonate - Absolute Final Preparation + A Look Back at John's Last Week in California.

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