A Family Flower Field Fun-anza! Felice Kendrick and Cecelia's Creative Session

10:18 AM

People often ask me if I'll miss San Diego once I'm off Resonating around the world. I try not to think about it too much, but to be honest, yes, yes I will. And very much so.

This Creative Session with Felice, Cecelia, and Kendrick represents our fourth photo-shoot! Seeing Cecelia grow up has been such a privilege; I've witnessed Cecelia go from crawling, to walking, to running, and now talking. A-mazing!

The sweet memories I have from working with awesome people like the Wong's intensify how much I'm going to miss this town and the people I love.


I'm looking forward to a sweet weekend of rest in the midst of endless errands before taking off to Resonate. I have so many shoots I want to share with you guys but am running out of time because come June 1, all blog posts will be related to missions work, Project Resonate, and non-SimplyTwo Photography content. Maybe I will post them when I get back next year?

Thanks everyone for your encouraging emails, voice mails, phone calls. You will be missed.

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