Everything I Know about Photography in One Shoot: Got Vision?

7:00 AM

It's pretty rare when one photo shoot by itself calls for the harmonious synergy of a huge range of photographic disciplines. Combining elements of commercial studio photography, fast action, environmental portraiture, light painting, and digital post production, this photo shoot represents THE culmination of everything I know about photography up to this point in my life.

Sitting here with images from one of the wildest conceptual Creative Sessions I've ever attempted, I am absolutely exhausted from the work and thrilled with the final results!

Alex Shiau, aka, Vision is a lyrical wordsmith. He's Asian, he raps, and he is good. I've followed his work for quite a while and have seen his live performances; they are simply fantastic! We recently shot together to create some cover artwork to promote his upcoming performances and cd/album which is currently being recorded in San Diego, CA.

Entering this shoot, I knew I needed to create images that complemented Visions level of lyrical genius. Let's hope these come close...

Yes he is flying. No he is not Photoshopped.

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