Red Light Movement 2009 + Video + Pre Shoot

7:00 PM

On April 26 2009, an extremely large group of people gathered in San Diego's Balboa Park to raise awareness for a big deal.

What's the big deal?, you ask.

Human Trafficking; modern day slavery. For sex, labor, and profit.

The Red Light Movement aims to raise large scale awareness against human trafficking. Large enough to affect the way laws are made and to put an end to this practice.

Some stats I gathered from the event:

  • 300-400 thousand children in the USA are sex slaves - San Diego Youth and Community Services
  • Large cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York are hubs for human trafficking.
  • There are estimated 30-50 women enslaved in North County San Diego - US Department of State
While largely a grassroots campaign here in San Diego, the Red Light Movement caught the attention of the media in 2008 and was featured on KUSI along with other news outlets.

A week before the event, I collaborated with the Red Light Movement Art Director, Adrienne Lam. We did a conceptual fashion shoot on a street corner in downtown La Jolla as a commentary on 'selling goods.'

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