Project Resonate Creative Team Member Gets Baptized!

1:40 PM

A big congrats to our very own Chiyo Angevine for getting Baptized! This is quite a bit deal and we're all super excited for her. Chiyo is a huge part of Project Resonates' Creative Team. You might remember her from when she helped with the Media Packets back in January. Go Chiyo!

I'm back in San Diego now and am preparing a blog update of the Ukraine teams' training that went down this past week.

Some other things to look out for:

Red Light Movement Pre-Photoshoot Collaborative and Event Coverage
A bunch of Family and Personal Creative Sessions
Jeff and Mel's Engagement Session/Wedding
Some other random goodies

Quick Links:

Partner with Resonate: Secure Online Giving

Project Resonate Website

Youth Missions International Website

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