Olivia, Jen, and Roy's Family Creative Session

2:15 PM

I hope I didn't fool you guys too much from the previous post about Project Resonate being cancelled. It just felt like the right thing to do because of April Fool's Day. We're still friends yes? Good!

In that case, let's enjoy some photos from a Family Creative Session I shot for Olivia, Jen, and Roy.

A few posts back I mentioned how I was a BIG fan of images with nice background blur. The two shots above are my favorites because of this. When it comes to background blur, it's not about how much blur you have, but rather the quality of it. In this case we are turning the background into a watercolor-like canvas composed of people, trees, dogs, and babies.

Something about her shadow was way cool here.

Fist Bump!

Wanna do a Creative Session before I leave in June for Project Resonate? Email me at john@simplytwo.com with the subject line: "CREATIVE SESSION."

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