Mel and Jeff's Destination Engagement Session - San Francisco CA

7:36 AM

This weekend I get to spend the day hanging out with Mel and Jeff. It's their wedding, it's a BIG deal, and I get to photograph it!! nom nom nom =)

I'll be flying up to San Francisco Friday and shooting all day Saturday; I'm stoked for this because destination wedding shoots are literally barrels and barrels of wild fun.

Intrigued, you might be asking yourself: "How many barrels?" ... And to answer your question: ''I've lost count, sorry, it's just a lot of barrels''.

Mel and Jeff's engagement session also took place in San Francisco. We pretty much went all over the place that day; check it out!

yum, nature!

We got the jumping shot on our FIRST try!

That's where Jeff proposed, right under that tree.

Okay I lied about the jumping shot. It took us about 15 tries....

Stay tuned for their wedding post later this month!

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