IT'S MAY. The Countdown Really Begins!

1:11 PM

IT'S MAY. OMG Project Resonate is happening! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

With about 30 days before I embark on Project Resonate, the line between excitement, joy, anxiety, and stress are swirling into a blur of cognitive soft-serve.

Last I checked:

  • All of my junk is packed into storage.
  • I've shot my last wedding before Resonate (It was perfect btw, congrats Mr. and Mrs. Wang!)
  • My cat is safe with my sister.
  • Cindy (the girlfriend) and I will spend some good quality time together in the coming weeks.
  • I have NOT yet purchased shoes, will do so soon.
  • Funding is somewhere around $17,000? (Thank you guys for sacrificing so much to help make this trip happen. I cannot express enough thanks to how you have all pulled this together.)
  • I am sending out something special to all you supporters too, so please be on the lookout for that in the mail!
In the next 30 days, I should be finalizing my shots. I still need Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Malaria, and boosters for my regular stuff.

Visa applications happen this month.

I'm going to leave this update here for now, there's a lot I know I want to share with you all and I'll try to get all that out asap. The truth is, I have about 3 photo-shoots from April and 12 from May to process before I go, so Diligence will be the title for this month of my life. =)

If you have any questions that you feel I might have missed PLEASE email me or comment below and I will respond. I lack the 3rd-person-perspective so there may be some details I assume all my readers know but they in fact don't.

Check out the Ukraine team training event below!


A few weeks ago I spent some time at Youth Missions International in Puyallup, Washington to take part in the training of a Ukraine-destined local church.

The actual training event took place in Richland WA, 4+ hours away from the YMI base, we spent a few days training 29 missionaries who will be spending their summer serving in Ukraine.

Being an international missionary is a complex endeavor. In the field, we have to be acutely aware of the social, political, and economic factors which shape the people groups we're ministering to. We spend much of our training on cultural sensitivity and teamwork.

Brian and Rick, both board members of YMI, headed up this training with the aid of three other YMI staff, Garrett, Anastasiya and Katy. My role this week was mostly to document the training and integrate myself with this team as much as possible since we will be spending lots of time together in Ukraine.

Training begins early. I think I took this photo at around 7am? FYI, in San Diego, my typical wake up time was about 10:30am.

This is the room where the church youth hangs out. Gotta love the vintage couches.

Pastor Todd, he's the church youth pastor and he's coming to Ukraine.

Team building: A 29 person human knot. Just try to get out of this one on your own...

Team Building: 3 competing groups trying to build the tallest structure with limited time. But where's the foundation?

This is David, Senior Pastor of Central United Protestant Church in Richland WA. He's coming to Ukraine as a member of the team! Here they are compiling personal testimonies of faith to share whenever opportunities arise.

Team Building: How much do you trust your team?

Team Building: Getting out of sticky situations by communicating and working together. This exercise involved getting a large group of people across a set distance without touching the ground or letting specific objects fall. There is a time limit, and the situation seems basically impossible.

Garrett, Anastasiya and Katy: YMI Trainers extraordinaire!

Virgin flights are a visual explosion. And while I'm only going to be in San Diego for a few more weeks, it felt great to be back.

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