Viv's Creative Session with Nature and Stuff

3:24 PM

Let’s take a look at a few shots from a recent Creative Session with Viv. For Viv’s Creative Session, we chose a location that was less identifiable with San Diego. Instead of defaulting to well known (but still AMAZLINGLY beautiful) locations, we settled inland for a more contemporary/commercial/fashion look.

A SimplyTwo Photography Creative Session is a fun and casual photo shoot outside my wedding photography. Creative Sessions are essentially SimplyTwo Photography’s answer to non-wedding related photo shoots where I work with individuals, families, pets, groups, teams, and companies to create unique looking photos for a pretty wide range of applications. I really enjoy these types of photo-shoots because they are a risk-free way for me apply my inspirations and try out all the ideas floating in my mind. Creative Sessions are super flexible by design; my clients and I set aside at least a few solid hours to do the shoot so if a concept doesn’t work out, we re-shoot it until it’s perfect. Shooting a wide gamut of subjects and styles helps me keep my wedding work fresh and innovative. At the end of the day, these smaller shoots make my big shoots all the better!

Although she was back-lit for the shot above, it was very important to maintain a an even level of illumination of her face to prevent sloppy silhouettes and loss of detail.

For the image on the left, I positioned my camera to let in a bit of lens-flare for a vintage look with modern pop. Both of these images were shot on the quite rare, Canon 35 1.4L lens.

Do you see that background in the photos above?... Kinda, sorta, no? ...GOOD!

Background blur is huge. I love it. In my opinion, every photograph in the world should have awesome background blur. The way it makes my subjects pop is unmatched and it makes me feel extremely cool when people inquire about that '3D' look. I'll try to blog about the exact way of getting this look in an upcoming post, but for now, its a combo of equipment and magical photo dust.

Expressions can make or break a photo. Even if an image is technically perfect in terms of lighting, composition, sharpness, and color, an awkward smile or a mispositioned hand usually sends an image to the cutting room floor. Thankfully, that did not happen with the two shots above. Yay!

Tyra says, "Fierce!"

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