Ultra Rare Sight in the Night Sky: The G Coupe Automotive Photoshoot

12:02 AM

A few weeks ago I did an automotive photoshoot for Ben's G35 Coupe. We drove around looking for a clean and empty location, checked and rechecked the lighting, and make 100% sure the spot we picked would show off the cars curvy metal assets. But this time, something very special happened, and had nothing to do with the location or the vehicle. After parking the G, we looked up and saw a HUGE donut in the sky, it was a Moon Ring!

It became instantly important for both of us to somehow incorporate the moon ring in our shots. After shooting for about 2 hours, we ended up with 3 keepers. I've posted them below for you to see. If the chance ever presented itself, I would like to be an automotive shooter.

One can dream right?

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