Project Resonate Epilogue Video: How Do You Resonate?

12:13 PM

A video that essentially embodies everything Project Resonate is setting out to accomplish. Click below to watch!

(If you are reading this from Facebook, the video won't show up. I recommend meandering over to to watch the video slide show courtesy of our sponsor Animoto!)

The bare facts about Project Resonate:

Who: John Yao and Youth Missions International
What: Missionary Photojournalism
Where: 7 Countries - Ukraine, South Africa, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil, South Korea, Phillipines
When: June 1, 2009
Why: (1) To use photography to spread the Gospel, (2) To encourage others to think creatively for world missions, (3) To provide a non-imposing look at Christian ministry around the world.

Funding: Project Resonate supporters, YOU GUYS ROCK! As of march 10th 2009, we have approx $9000 raised and are nearly 50% towards our goal of $20,000! Thank YOU and know that your contributions are going a LONG LONG way.

If you've considered making a donation to Project Resonate, please know that your contribution will play a huge factor in our success and every donation to Project Resonate = your direct role in world missions. (Also some good tax-time savings)

Thanks for considering and stay tuned for more frequent updates as the date draws closer to June 1, 2009!

Quick Links:

Partner with Resonate: Secure Online Giving

Project Resonate Website

Youth Missions International Website

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