Project Resonate: 90 Days to Lift Off! - March 2009 Update

12:56 PM

(If you are reading this from Facebook, the video won't show up. I recommend meandering over to to watch the video slide show courtesy of our sponsor Animoto!)

Hooray, Project Resonate is only 90 days away! It's hard to compare this excitement with any else I've done in the past, especially when I'm hit with the reality of the project and its closing time line.

I've been really encouraged to hear all of your thoughts and responses to this project and I hope you'll all stay tuned throughout the year for updates from around the world. I know a lot of you have taken a lot of time and gone out of your way to help Project Resonate and I am super thankful for that!

Awareness: In the effort to raise awareness for Project Resonate, I'll be speaking and sharing about the project to local churches, fellowship groups, and upcoming events. For March 8, 2009, I'll be speaking at Chinese Evangelical Church of San Diego and premiering the Project Resonate Prologue video (I've included the 30-second teaser in this update.)

To pastors and leaders: If your group has the space for it, I would love to share about Project Resonate to your fellowship groups, churches, and missions conferences. Just let me know a few weeks in advance!

Funding: At the time of this writing, Project Resonate has raised about $6000 in confirmed donations and pledges. $6000, that's HUGE! I am floored by the generosity of Project Resonates' supporters and am super privileged to have you guys on my team!

If you've considered making a donation to Project Resonate but have yet to, please know that your contribution will play a huge factor in our success and every donation to Project Resonate is a donation for world missions. (Also some good tax-time savings)

Thanks for considering and stay tuned for more frequent updates as the date draws closer to June 1, 2009!

Quick Links:

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