Landscape Photos from 30,000 Feet

11:42 AM

Flying is a joy. Whether it's packing, standing in line, going through security, or taking off and landing, the entire process is neat and I love it! As I sat in my window seat reading a SkyMall on a recent destination wedding shoot, I couldn't help but notice the view from outside. It was spectacular!

Next time you're flying anywhere, I encourage you to take a moment and soak in the view from up high. You'll be surprised how strange a familiar city can appear just by viewing it from a different angle. And as a photographer, it's all about presenting the world through unique perspectives.

It was around 8:30pm and you could see all the lights from the city below. I was lucky enough to be seated right in front of the wing so all my shots had a sense of perspective between the plane and the ground. And in order to get both elements in the shot I elected to use a 16mm ultra wide angle lens.

Here's a short 'movie' from the terminal as my plane was docking.

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