Project Resonate: MP3 Event - Getting the Word Out!

2:14 PM

stands for "Missions Packet Packing Party."

Click above to watch the video slide show courtesy of our sponsor Animoto!

After nearly two months of design and revision, Project Resonate's first batch of press materials has finally arrived! Our simmering excitement quickly boiled over as the hefty boxes arrived one at a time throughout the week from different printers around the country. It's been an incredibly eventful week as we unboxed all the contents of our Media Kit and found that all the samples came out perfectly - every single piece!

Now the fun part: Organizing each piece of kit to a specific order and assembling 300 complete packets for immediate distribution. Where's the easy button when you need it?

Calling on the aid of my creative team, we spent a few days folding, stamping, and stuffing all of the envelopes in an assembly line process that finished just in time for our first distribution weekend!

What's in the media kit:

1. Personal Project Resonate letter from project founder John Yao.
2. Youth Missions International information packet that describes the organization in detail.
3. 4x6 Media Info Card with all of the information you'll need to keep track of Project Resonate on the web.
4. Donation form for secure tax deductible charitable giving! <--- this one is a BIG deal! 5. Return envelopes for the big deal above. Get Your Media Kit Today: Send an email to with your name and address and we'll send one right out!

Project Resonate Creative Team: Robert, Vanessa, Chiyo, and Emily organizing each Media Kit component. (Above)

Complete Kit: Letter, Brochure, Media Card, Return Envelope

Project Resonate is fully underway now with a definite departure time of June 1, 2009. With 4 months to go, our goal of $20,000 to fund this trip is still a very real hurdle. Please help us tackle this one by making a donation today to Project Resonate and have your name engraved on our Sponsors Wall!

Quick Links:

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