A Perfect Weekend Photoshoot - LIFE's 2009 Crew

11:50 PM

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This past weekend was perfect.

I had the pleasure of shooting a destination wedding in San Jose CA for Christine and Hanlin on Valentines Day! This was very different from last year when I shot 14 mini-weddings during a KyXy Wedding Marathon. More info on that to come when their highlights are ready....

I flew back in to San Diego right after the wedding to take part in my last weekend retreat with LIFE, the church fellowship from my college days. With Project Resonate a few months away and the possibility of getting married after I return, I definitely did not want to miss out on this event.

In what's become a pseudo tradition, we hold a photoshoot for the graduating class of LIFE every year. I love doing these types of shoots because they are spontaneous, silly, and full of unique group dynamic.

We shot in open fields, rough trenches, dirt paths, and corrugated metal walls. I couldn't have asked for a better location!

Creative large group photos are a huge part of my wedding photography style and it's one of the biggest parts of the day when I need to fully orchestrate the photos. These images are less journalistic because I'm actively arranging and engaging with my subjects. It's my job to help them relax and be themselves but still keep them composed in a particular fashion to pull off the concept I have in mind.


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