How to Make the Largest Photo Print in the World: The 100 Inch Print

11:26 PM

Our Goal: To create one of the largest prints ever from a wedding engagement photo! With only days before Tim and Jenny's wedding we had to work quickly to pull of this feat of gargantuan goodness.

Using a rasterization program, we selected our favorite image to blow up over 100 inches! At this size, even the best quality digital cameras can show jagged edges and image degradation so the program automatically replaces fine detail with big black dots of varying density and size. When viewing close up it's really hard to tell what the image is, but from a few feet back it's easy to see the 'bigger picture'.

Our 100 Inch Print began its life in the form of 56 letter-sized sheets of paper with random dots and 4 white borders. After printing out the sheets, we:

1. Verify all the sheets. Because if one sheet is missing then we have to reprint the entire project.

2. CAREFULLY Cut off the all 4 white borders from each page. When compiling the final image, it's super important to have straight cuts or we risk misalignment. Misalignment is sloppy and no good.

3. Arrange all 56 sheets into their correct relative positions and check for image accuracy. This is like putting together a giant puzzle; quite fun!

4. Tape together the backside of the sheets one at a time.

5. Enjoy the finished masterpiece!

This particular rasterization took about 6 hours to complete and we presented the print to our bride and groom at their wedding afterparty this past weekend. The creative team did an amazing job on this one, THANKS CREATIVE TEAM (Robert, Vans, Kelly)

Most of all, Congrats Jenny and Tim!
I'll be posting their wedding highlights pretty soon so check back in a week or so!

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