The Jenny and Tim Wedding Event @ La Jolla Presbyterian Part 2

11:33 AM

Here we go, Part Deux of Jenny and Tim's wedding. This post will be highlighting the details of the day, some preparation shots, and the ceremony! Onward we go!

Something White

I got kicked out of the room when the girls were getting dressed so I stole the bride's shoes to make these shots while waiting.

Dress fittings are always exciting. The girls took extra time to ensure perfect fitment.

This is Jenny's sister and MOH, her expression here is great!

In the prayer shot above, the room was lit by a few dim lightbulbs and one small window. Seeing as how Jenny was the only one illuminated by the window; I knew the final shot would have a nice focus on the brideWhenever I shoot a wedding solo, my positioning throughout the ceremony site is crucial. The final body of images needs to show multiple angles, vantage points, and key events. I recently had a viewer comment that judging from the photos, it looked like two photographers covered the event.

For ceremonies, I first plan out where I need to be during the processional, ring exchanges, first kiss, prayer, candle lighting, and anything else that is important. Then I move from one point to another keeping in mind the length of the ceremony so that I anticipate my shots instead of reacting to them happening. In photo journalistic wedding photography, this approach is super important if I want to get 'the shot.'

If you count the heads and limbs, there are 11 people at least, in this dogpile. The groom was taken down pretty hard but he walked out unphased. I got this shot by using a 16mm lens and moving in as close as possible without being sucked in.

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