The Jenny and Tim Wedding Event @ La Jolla Presbyterian Part 1

12:17 AM

PHEW - The last few weeks were a hurricane of epic photoshoots and events! Between destination wedding photoshoots, Project Resonate preparation, and packing to close up the studio for the year, I've enjoyed about negative-5 hours each day to to sleep and hang out with my cat. Nonetheless, I have here for you today a very special treat: my favorite images from Jenny and Tim's lovetastic wedding! I've broken up this entry into two posts because its so huge; in the first post I'll share some shots of the lovely bride and groom with a sprinkle of wedding party hearty and finish up the second post with the ceremony and details.

For those of you who like moving pictures, I've prepared a sideshow below. (If you are reading this from Facebook, the video won't show up. I recommend meandering over to for the goodies. Thank you David Choi and Kina Grannis for the sweet song! )

This is Jenny: Say it with me because I know your thinking it: "LOVELY!

And here we have Tim, he's smiling because it's his wedding day. I love the grin on the second shot!

These shots were done right along the water after the reception was over. I love how San Diego's skyline is a tiny bit visible in the background

Our first B+G session on the day was right after the ceremony at La Jolla Presbyterian Church. The grounds were BEAUTIFUL and the post-rain crystal clear sky gave me some great natural lighting to work with.

One word: Joy

It was freezing during the setup of the photo above. Jenny had a jacket from a groomsman but for obvious reasons did not wear it during the photoshoot. So I put it on instead; thanks Jenny!

Sometimes I like to take a step back from the couple during the B+G sessions especially if it's their first moment alone after a full morning's events.

The red dresses really pop out to me in this shot.

Jenny and the girls doing their thang!

Jenny's girls were flying out of San Diego at 6pm that day. The drama of the motion blur makes this a keeper in my book.

My favorite groomsmen shot of the day! The tall guy in the back is Mike in case you're wondering.

Walk it out.

This photograph carries with it quite a bit of history. What you see here is the 3rd iteration of an image whose roots date back to Jenny's college years. Holding true to tradition, I had to honor this shot. See the original here. See the 2nd one here.

I'll be posting the second half of this entry very soon. It will include all the sweet sweet details: dress, shoes, flowers, ceremony, prep, and a very special shot from the reception.

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