Jenny and Tim's Engagement Photoshoot!

12:03 PM

I can't believe Jenny and Tim's wedding is ONE MONTH AWAY! Are you excited? Because you should be.

. . . It is a big deal. . . =)

Their engagement photo shoot was an absolute stellar blast of fun and wild wonder. We originally planned to shoot at Cabrillo's Lighthouse but found it closed when we rolled up! If you are reading my mind, then we both agree on one word: bummer.

BUT...we had a backup plan: Point Loma's Sunset Cliffs! We got in pretty close to sundown and took advantage of the warm hues of the setting sun. I'm so glad we chose this location instead because we had so many different options to work with and the visual variety was amazing.

With their wedding coming up in just a few weeks, I've been preparing and reviewing all the photography logistics. In the process I realized how blessed I am to serve as their wedding photographer and I in turn, hope to bless them with my art!

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