How to Take Crispy Automotive Photos

11:05 PM

Automotive photography is the toughest genre ever! As a photographer I have to be obsessively aware of my surroundings to ensure my subjects are free from ugly reflections and stray lighting.

It's all about lighting: Without good light, your photos will stink. Find good light, study it, and make it work for you. I started dabbling with Automotive Photography in an effort to become a better photographer in other areas, especially weddings. You might be wondering why photographing cars would have anything to do with brides, but the connection is real and highly beneficial. Because automotive photography demands a high level of focus and perfect execution, each successful automotive shoot grants me the tools and insight to make on-the-spot decisions with regards to lighting and composition during a wedding shoot; where the options, time, and windows of opportunity are very limited.

1. Shoot Away from People
2. Pick your location in advance
3. Make sure the car is clean
4. Wide lenses are best
5. Shoot in areas that are wide open and preferably without trees, poles, and other objects that will catch in the car's shiny exterior
6. Think to yourself "Why is this car worth shooting, what parts/details do I want to show off?" With that in mind, you'll have a clear focus on which angle and approach during the shoot.

My personal website, is a collection of my automotive works. It's a rather simple gallery that features my favorite images and I try to update a few of my favorites from each shoot. I have a lot of fun shooting cars and I hope to do a lot more of this in the future. Let me know what you think, and if you happen to be a professional automotive photographer, your critiques are highly welcome!

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