Goodbye to One of my Best Friends

8:32 PM

Today I had the bittersweet experience of parting ways with one of my best friends, ally, and partner in crime. For 4 years we worked side by side, tackling crazy photography assignments, weathering tough business climates, and creating the artwork you see today on my websites.

We started working together halfway through my college years at UCSD and from day one I knew the relationship was a 'sure thing'. At the envy of my colleagues we boasted a dynamic few could claim to have. =)

Who is this, you ask? It's my main camera, the Canon 1D Mark2N. This may be alphabet soup to my readers, but personally this camera helped me take my passion for photography to the next level while providing my business with the edge to compete with the best. Why was this tool so great? Here are some examples:

1. Fastest in the World: It took 8 photos a second and auto-focused on things I could barely see with my own eyes.
2. Built like a Tank: Completely weather sealed with rubber gaskets, I could shoot in the rain or rough a sandstorm.
3. Peerless Image Quality: The files from this camera were world class at the time. Nothing from any other camera manufacturer could even come close to the silky smooth loveliness I consistently delivered to my clients.
4. Reliable: 4 years, over a hundred photo shoots, events, and weddings. It is still going strong.

Delivering the best image quality is a pretty high priority here at SimplyTwo Photography so it was only a matter of time before the Mark2 had to retire. Earlier this year the Mark2 began to serve as my backup camera due to the addition of the Canon 1D Mark3 to my camera bag and naturally, saw less and less action. Fortunately, I met a fellow photographer Daniel K who was interested in taking the Mark2 under his wing and today the camera changed hands.

While I'm pretty sad the Mark2 is no longer in my bag, I know it's going to serve it's new owner ridiculously well. Still considered by many to be the best sports camera in the world, my specific sample of the Mark2 still has at least 50% of its service life in effect. It's never been in a better position to deliver world-class images for anyone armed with it!

Happy Shooting!

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