Introducing Project Resonate: Images Speak Louder than Words

8:12 PM

As some of you might know, I've been talking about going on missions for quite some time now. Finding a harmony between my life’s work and my life's purpose has never been easy, or clear for that matter, but I've come to the decision to take sabbatical from SimplyTwo Photography and venture into the world as a photo missionary!

After a year of planning, brainstorming, and organizing my mind, I decided that the most efficient and effective route of missionary work would involve photography. Not only is it something that I truly love and enjoy, but the skills I've learned from being a professional photographer will definitely lends its benefits throughout this year-long photo documentary project. I'll be partnering with Youth Missions International to reach South America, South Africa, and Southeast Asia by photographing the events in each region for a few months.

So here it is: Project Resonate

This project builds on the premise that "Images Speak Louder than Words"; that the images captured from this project would play a role in showing all of my viewers and supporters back here the successes, challenges, and works of missionaries around the world. Hopefully it'll get you thinking creatively about your skills, your passions, and how you can use them!

When all is said and done, this project is beyond any one person, organization, or denomination. We've all been given specific strengths, skill sets, and abilities to run and change the world with. Project Resonate is much more than photos; it’s about our life choices, and how we choose to Resonate!


This blog will serve as the home for all Project Resonate-related news and goodies. I've partnered with a few great companies to make the chronicling of this project ridiculously enjoyable and fun, so definitely stay tuned for these updates.


To help spread the word about Project Resonate, cool wallpapers, movies, and downloads will be made available in the downloads section of the Project Resonate website.


Funding: It's safe to say that one of the biggest and most important questions we tend ask ourselves is, “What am I doing with my life?” Some people go through their entire lives without finding that answer! Project Resonate aims not only to challenge, but to encourage you to think creatively towards using your skills and passions to its full potential.

With roughly 5 full months until lift-off, the projected financial requirement for this project is $20,000 US. This covers every aspect of Project Resonate, from operational expenses, ministry expenses, and life support. I humbly request your partnership in Project Resonate by making a donation to our project.

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Very Truly Yours,

John Yao
Founder of Project Resonate and SimplyTwo Photography

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