Top 10 Ways to Make Your Photos Awesome! Preface

4:57 PM

One of the goals of this blog is to share my work, encourage my readers, and teach about everything photography. As a professional photographer I am often asked about my technique, equipment, and approach towards creating the types of images on my website. While much of it is experience and technical execution, a good amount rests in the basic principles of photography and of course, luck.

In the following weeks, I'll be sharing with you my Top 10 Ways to Make Your Photos Awesome! Each lesson will be geared towards maximizing the use of your simple point and shoot cameras and getting results you only thought possible with expensive professional gear!

Since I do not down my own Point and Shoot camera, I'll be enlisting the help of all you lovely readers to lend me your point and shoot cameras for a few days. I will then take those cameras and build detailed tutorials illustrating the concepts I'll be going over. Each tutorial will be based on a different camera in order to show that these concepts are universal, and can be applied no matter what equipment you are using!

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