Awesome Photos Lesson 1: Patience

8:18 PM

The Problem: The photos we take don't look that great and we wish we could do something about it.

The Reason:
We don't take the time create the shot in our mind before creating it in our cameras

The Solution: Yao's 7 Step Plan

1. See something cool that needs to be photographed.

2. STOP: Do NOT take a single shot!

3. Figure out what makes this subject worth photographing: Color, lines, texture, etc. Really think things through without rushing.

4. Turn on your camera.

5. Take the photo in such a way that it matches the image you have in your mind. Think "yes, those shapes and lines are just the way I wanted them, or those colors are so rich and are definitely the main subject of the image."

6. Shoot high, shoot low, zoom in, and zoom out: get some variety.

7. Go home, review the photos, be proud, and email me at so I can feature them right here on my blog.

One of the most important things you can do to improve your photography is to learn to be patient. It's very natural for us to rush on to a beautiful landscape scene or event and start snapping away without much thought. Once we get home to review the images we find that something is missing and we wish we could have taken a second shot at getting the image right.

Q: "What the heck Yao, you're supposed to teach us how to use our digital cameras and all you mention is patience?"
A: "Yes, that is correct. Now sit down and be patient."

All of these images were created using the principles I mentioned. They were shot on a 5 year old, 2 megapixel camera and 3x zoom lens: The Nikon 2500.

Thank you A.C. for letting me borrow your camera!

Tune in next time for Lesson 2: ????????????????

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