The Blog is Back!

8:30 PM

Hello friends! After a multi-month hiatus of blog absence I am responding to the considerable demand I am getting to bring back my postings. I really want to share with you all the cool photos, people, pets, and stuff I've learned this past year. This time you can all come to expect a pretty rad variety of goodies including but certainly not limited to:

-Tutorials on photoshop.
-Photography tricks, tips, and methods.
-General inspirations behind my imagery (lots of responses to 'whys' and 'hows').
-More photoshoots, more genres, more crazy!
-Mao, mao, and more mao!
-Featured cool people (vendors etc) I meet on my journeys as a wedding photographer.

Please please, feel free to contact me with questions or general comments. I love to share and teach and I believe it makes us all better people and photographers when we pool our knowledge. All that being said, I will respond to your questions, comments, and inquries through new posts so everyone can benefit. Let's make this work!

For all my posts I will tag them with keywords, e.g. weddings, people, food, etc that are easily findable on the very bottom of the page in the form of a drop-down menu.

Stay in love -

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